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7/25 - Tryout update SSPYSA

South St. Paul Youth Soccer Association has made the decision to cancel all tryouts this weekend (Sunday), Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and rescheduling U14-18 girls for next Sunday, August 2nd.

We are rescheduling U14 (2007) & U15 (2006) Girls for 5:00-6:00 PM on Sunday Aug 2nd.

The U16 (2005), U17 (2004), U18 (2003) Girls for 6:30-7:30 PM to Sunday August 2nd.

We are cancelling girls U12 (2009), U13 (2008) and boys U12 (2009), U13 (2008), U14 (2007) as these evaluations were not required at this time due to numbers.

We will still be accepting applicants to these teams until the rosters are filled.

Signup link:

McMorrow Fields

Sunday, August 2nd

U14 (2007) & U15 (2006) Girls: 5:00-600

U16 (2005), U17 (2004), U18 (2003) Girls: 6:30-7:30

Monday, July 20:

U9 (2012-13) Boys: 6pm-7pm Canceled

U10 (2011) Boys: 6pm-7pm Canceled

U11 (2010) Boys: 7pm-8pm Canceled

Tuesday, July 21:

U9 (2012-13) Girls: 6pm-7pm Canceled

U10 (2011) Girls: 6pm-7pm Canceled

U11 (2010) Girls: 7pm-8pm Canceled

Sunday, July 26

U12 (2009) Girls: 9am-10:15am Canceled

U12 (2009) Boys: 9am-10:15am Canceled

U13 (2008) Girls: 11:00am-12:15pm Canceled

U13 (2008) Boys: 11:00am-12:15pm Canceled

U14 (2007) Boys: 1pm-2:15pm Canceled

U14 (2007) Girls: 3pm-4:15pm Rescheduled

U15 (2006) Girls: 5pm-6:15pm Rescheduled

Monday, July 27

U16 (2005) Girls: 6pm-7:15pm Rescheduled

Tuesday, July 28

U17 (2004) Girls: 6pm-7:15pm Rescheduled

Wednesday, July 29

U18 (2003) Girls: 6pm-7:15pm Rescheduled

Jake Smothers

SSPYSA Director of Coaching

Brian Applequist

SSPYSA Competitive Coordinator


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